Sensitive Penis: How to Train Your Penis Sensitivity

Sensitive Penis: How to Train Your Penis Sensitivity

Penis sensitivity refers to the vulnerability of certain parts of your penis to stimulation. For some, it can be uncomfortable to touch or even to don clothes. Additionally, heightened sensitivity might lead to reaching the finish line a bit sooner than desired. Dealing with a sensitive penis can not only be a physical discomfort but can also affect your sexual confidence. In this article, we'll delve into the reasons behind this sensitivity and explore effective ways to address and treat it.

Cause of penis sensitivity

Health conditions

Urinal tract infection

A urinary tract infection (UTI) occurs when the urethra, the tube through which you urinate, becomes infected. This medical condition affects the entire urinary system, including the urethra, bladder, ureters, and kidneys. When the infection targets the urethra, it can cause discomfort and even a burning sensation in the penis.

Penis nerve damage

Penis nerve damage can sneak up on you through traumas or certain diseases, playing tricks on your sensitivity. Picture it like a delicate radio antenna—sometimes it gets a bit fuzzy. Now, if your penis's protective shield is under attack, it might start feeling things a little too intensely. It's like your body's way of saying, "Hey, I need some backup here!"

Dry penis

If the dryness of your penis is cranking up the sensitivity meter to irritating levels, it's time for a moisture intervention. Sometimes, it's those pesky skin conditions or the wrong choice of soaps playing the role of the villain.

Psychological factor

Performance anxiety or getting too excited can turn your penis into a speedy blood express, making things a bit too sensitive for comfort. As a result, tricky erections and maintenance challenges that can leave you feeling embarrassed. Take a deep breath and give your little performer a chance to catch its breath for your penis to keep going.

Phimosis (foreskin too tight)

Phimosis is when your foreskin decides to play it tight and snug, leaving the glans sheltered and unprepared. Once exposed to touching, the glans throws a sensitivity party, and you're the unsuspecting guest of honor. But that's not all—this tight foreskin thing can also lead to poor hygiene, paving the way for uninvited guests like UTIs.

People often debate the sensitivity stakes of circumcised vs. uncircumcised, but a 2006 study reveals that there’s no significant impact on the sensitivity level (Frisch et al., 2006).

If phimosis is playing the sensitivity villain,don’t worry since time can be a healer, but a little effort won't hurt. Give it a chance to improve on its own, or lend a helping hand with some strategy.

How to improve penis sensitivity level

Professional advice

If you suspect that you may be dealing with any of the following health conditions, it's crucial to seek professional assistance before exploring alternative techniques. Seeking expert advice should be your go-to move. After all, a healthy penis is the secret sauce for a truly satisfying sex life.

Clean penis correctly

Consider using less soap and opt for water more often in your cleanup routine. Pull your foreskin back to clean and dry the inside. And use moisturizer when it’s needed. Remember, a happy and well-hydrated pal downstairs is the key to a smooth and satisfying experience.


Anxiety being one of the major causes of penile sensitivity, practicing mindfulness can help you to focus on the moment and reduce stress around sexual performance.

Let time heal

Many younger men experience penile sensitivity caused by phimosis. This symptom can improve itself with time. Keep your member clean and healthy and wait for its natural growth. At the same time, a little help wouldn’t hurt. We here at JMOO understand that a sensitive penis does not only impact men’s daily comfort level but also their sexual performances and overall confidence.

Penis foreskin massage

That is why we present you the JMOO 10 Frequency Penis Massager for Male. This male sex toy is designed to improve your penis sensitivity level and boost your penis health. Here are some ways the JMOO 10 Frequency Penis Massager can help your penis glan get used to exposure and improve its sensitivity.

1. Use the tentacles to massage the bottom of your glan.

Use the ends of the tentacles on your penis massager to massge the bottom of your glans.

2. Put the massager on the top of your penis while slowly pulling the foreskin back until it hurt. Push it on and pull it back again. You should get used to how much you can pull it back little by little and eventually pull it to a normal level.

Use the penis massager to stretch your foreskin gently

3. Surround the toy over your member with the foreskin pulled to massage the glans.

Use the stomach of the penis massager to cover the head

4. Use the tentacles to target numb areas to massage. The light yet targeted vibrations can train each of your nerves to get used to the penis stimulation.

Massager penis nerves with the ends of the tentacles.



How to reduce penis sensitivity?

Keep your penis healthy and clean. Be mindful during sex. Additionally, train your penis under a controlled and safe environment.

What is the cause of penis sensitivity?

This can be caused by a UTI, penis nerve damage, psychological factors, and phimosis.

Can penile sensitivity be regained?

Some people find their penis sensitivity level lower than they want. You can restore your penis sensitivity level by using lubes, taking a break from masturbation, and seeking help for erectile dysfunction.

Does penis sensitivity cause premature ejaculation?

Yes. When your penis is overly sensitive, it can lead to premature ejaculations. However, the symptom is reversible by proper maintenance and treatment.


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