The Viral Vibrating Pantie Challenge and 6 Questions About It

The Viral Vibrating Pantie Challenge and 6 Questions About It

As someone who works in the adult toy industry, trends about adult toys, especially those that are freaky and fun (arguably all of them), always grab my attention. The other day, I came across an Instagram post about a woman using vibrating panties at the mall and was immediately amazed by it. This has opened the door for me to meet so many more people trying this trend online. That is why today I will introduce you guys, girls, and enbys to the vibrating panties in public challenge and how to do it.

What is a vibrating pantie?

Seeing the trends of vibrating panties on Instagram and TikTok, you might be confused and intrigued by the mere concept of it.

Vibrate panties are vibrators that can be worn with your underwear. Many vibrating panties are remote-controlled. Risky and fun!

How do I choose my vibrating pantie?

Vibrate panties come in different shapes and sizes. Here are the things that you need to check for before making a purchase.

How is it controlled?

Many vibrating panties are remote-controlled, which is very helpful for solo-plays and multi-plays. Some of them can be controlled by apps as well. Decide on your preferred controlling method.

How strong is it?

Like all vibrators, vibrating panties are various in vibration and pulse modes. Although it is intriguing to try the strongest modes, everyone’s vagina is unique and prefers different vibrations. Find the one that fits you the most.

Is it quiet?

I am assuming that you don’t want people to know you are using vibrating panties outdoors. I mean the secretary is part of the fun. Even if you want to stun your special someone with a shaking surprise, we recommend you choose a quiet vibrating pantie so that no one passing by would accuse you of breaking the law. Read reviews online to know the true blast.

What do I need for the vibrating pantie in public challenge?

Except for your shaky buddy, there are other things you need to fully enjoy it. Check if you have all of the goods below.

A strong underwear

To avoid your vibrating pantie falling out, you need underwear that can hold it tightly to your crotch. Strong underwear is necessary for two additional reasons. First, you want the device to be closer to your crotch so you can feel it. Moreover, it gets slippery down there, so you don’t want it slipping down your legs!

Surprisingly, something sexier actually holds better than your daily soft cotton underwear. A thong or a bikini bottom (not where Sponge-bob lives) is a good choice. Pieces that extend to your upper body are also recommended. Teddies and babydolls cannot only keep your device safe but also be part of your outfit (infit, more specifically).

A stunning outfit

What you wear outside is also relevant. If you are a first-time-outdoorer, you might be interested in things that cover your legs better, like a long coat or some skinny jeans. This is because we don’t want the anxiety around the am-I-walking-weirdly problem to get in the fun.

Once you get more experienced with your jolly hikes, you can wear things that are sexier to match the vibe.

A confident walk

I am sure you have seen all the videos of people trying their best to keep their walks normal when researching the vibrate pantie challenge online. It does need some practice.

However, confidence is key. Even if you walk weirdly, as long as you are not suspicious about it, there is nothing anyone can comment on.

Nonetheless, you are beautiful and sexy and the whole world should know about it.

What is the challenge?

Now that you’ve got your gear fully prepared, it is time to step out and do the trend. Although the range of how people do this is from one single merry jaunt to a full-on multi-day challenge, we here at JMOO have compiled a list of activities that you might be interested in.

Day 1 Try it in your room.

Day 2 Take a 10 min walk alone.

Day 3 Go to the park and sit for a while.

Day 4 Cafe reading session

Day 5 Go somewhere for the first time and stay at a hotel

Day 6 Movie date with someone. They can control the remote.

You don’t have to do all of these, of course. We are sure that you have fantasies that are different than our 6-day challenge. Leave your ideas in the comment section to inspire others!

Why do people do the vibrate pantie challenge?

You don’t need a reason to start doing the vibrate pantie challenge. However, the reasons why people do the vibrate pantie challenge often fall into these two categories.

To explore

We as members of society are told that there is only one correct way to have sex: naked with a stable heterosexual partner on your bed, without any sex toys. When we fantasize about more things, we find ourselves reluctant to try or even hate ourselves for wanting more. As a result, we won’t have enough opportunities to understand our bodies and desires.

Doing the vibrate pantie challenge is one of the ways to explore your sexuality. See if you like it so that you can explore more things in the future.

To experience

The outdoor vibrate pantie challenge is a multi-aspect sensual experience. You get to experience the full journey of going outdoors with the device, imagining people’s thoughts, trying to hide your expression when you orgasm and so much more.

If you have a partner who is willing to do the challenge with you, this will certainly deepen your relationship. If you want to do it alone, it is an experience that you get to feel yourself more, or even meet someone as freaky as you.

What to be aware of when doing the vibrate pantie in public challenge?

The number one thing you need to be aware of when doing the vibrate pantie in public challenge is to keep it private. There is no reason to be scared though. In most areas, as long as no one can prove that you are using it, it is totally legal to use sex toys in public.

This is because others did not give consent to get involved in the act. However, this means that as long as you choose the right device that is quiet, go to locations where no one will notice it, and don’t expose your crotch to the public, everything will be fine. Check the law in your area before the challenge. We at JMOO hope you are safe while having fun!


Do you feel excited to find your vibrating pantie and have a fun little walk down the street? Even if you are still hesitant about it, it is okay. We at JMOO are always ready to help you. Here is our selection of our discreet but powerful vibrating panties.

Check by yourself, or consult with one of our sex toy experts at the right-down corner of the page to learn more!

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