Top 5 Ways to Hide Your Sex Toys

Top 5 Ways to Hide Your Sex Toys

If you are reading this, I imagine you have at least one toy in your room, or you are thinking of purchasing one but are worried about your family or roommate finding out about it. I cannot forget the day my boyfriend asked “What is this” while holding my dildo when I got out of the shower! Now that I have become better at storing and hiding my toys, I am going to share my experience at this.

Clean and dry your toys

No matter where you want to hide your toys, under the pillow, in your drawer, or letting it out in the room, you need to first keep it clean and dry. This is extremely important since you don’t want disease from your toys, and you want to use them for as long as possible.

If you have a silicone toy such as a vibrator or a silicone masturbator, here is what you need to do.

First, check the waterproof level. 

If you still don’t know about this, there are different levels of waterproofing. Many sex toy stores like ours use the IPX waterproof level. You can check the waterproof level from the product manual or their descriptions before purchasing. If your toy is waterproof IPX5 or above, you can clean it under running water. If it is IPX4 or less, we recommend you only use wet tissues for cleaning.

Second, clean the toy

This depends on the product you have in hand, but remember to use sanitation sprays/soap and clean every convex there is. Junks can hide in those.

Third, dry the toy

This is especially important for PVC toys (like your pocket pussies). This is because many PVC toys are very porous and can grow mold easily. To keep your toys dry, you need to wipe them with a dry towel or even put them in places with air flow to avoid humidity. You can then store them with more dry towels to avoid humidity in the air.

Fourth, separate the toys

This might not be common knowledge, but you should absolutely separate the toys that are made of the same materials. The easiest way to do this is to put toys in separate cloth bags and stack them together. The reason for this step is that toys of similar materials can melt when put together. Separating them can avoid this situation.

Where to hide sex toys

Now that your toy is clean and tidy, let’s get into hiding. Here are the top 5 ways to hide your sex toys.

1. In a locked box.

This is arguably the most secure and convenient way to hide a sex toy. If you live with a roommate, people going through your stuff might not be your biggest concern, especially when you can lock the doors. However, if you live with families, especially with kids, it can be hard to tell them to stop looking into your drawer.  Lock your toys in a box and bring the key with you.

2. Move the toys around.

This is a good way to hide stuff if you are not allowed to have sex toys in your household. It sucks when you live in households like this, but before moving out, we need to do our best to survive. Imagine this. Your parents searched your bookshelf thoroughly and found nothing. Are they going to search through your bookshelf again? Big chance no. Think about where people might look and adjust according to that.

3. Inside a plushie.

This is a good spot because many would not suspect it having anything inside normally. Inside a plushie works especially well under two situations. First, when your toy is small and it’s a huge plushie. It doesn’t work when the toy is huge and heavy since the weight difference can be obvious. A small toy in a huge plushie can still keep it discreet even when your plushie is picked up by someone else. Second, when you have many plushies. I am talking MANY. In this situation, people might suspect you of hiding them between the plushies. So they will look under the plushies but not inside of them.

4. Back of the drawer.

This is also a perfect place for small toys. Pull your bottom drawer completely out and hide your toy in the back. Then put your drawer back. This works perfectly since it’s not a place people can bump into. The only thing is that you might want to hide non-electric toys there since the buttons can be accidentally pushed.

5. Dont hide it.

Is the best way to hide your toy to not hide it? Yes, but with only toys of discreet design. These toys are getting popular because of how they can hide in plain sight and still give you mind-blowing orgasms. I was shocked when I first saw our remote control heart-shaped vibrator. The vibrator is designed to be a heart-shaped necklace. It looks so unique that no one is going to suspect it of being a vibrator when they find it in your purse or even on your neck. A similar concept is the old favorite bullet vibrator with a necklace. This vibrator is designed more like a pen than a necklace. We had a customer who put hers in her purse with a notebook and no one suspected a thing.

For penis owners, the latest design is this on-the-go masturbator. Until now, most male masturbators, from pocket pussies to automatic masturbators, are huge. Some brands have invented smaller disposable ones, but they are expensive if you count in that they are disposable. This on-the-go masturbator is perfect for people who need to travel a lot or have a higher libido. You can carry it with you, in your pocket, or in bags with ease. It is made of silicone so it’s body-safe premium material that is easy to clean and gives unmatched sensations.

Top 3 Places I do not recommend hiding your sex toys

1. Toilet sink

It is nasty and humid. Your toys will not survive if it is not IPX7 waterproof.

2. Back of computer case

It is hot in there. Your toys can be damaged by the heat or even the electronics.

3. Kitchen wardrobe

It is a commonplace. Someone might be there to look for a specific kitchenware.


In conclusion, there are lots of places you can hide your toys once it is clean and dry. But as long as it is a space people don’t think of going to, your toy is mostly safe. Moreover, if your toy is in discreet design in the first place, it would not stir too big of a conversation even when people see it.


Should I hide sex toys from my partner?

Try to bring up conversations about toys and see how it goes. If they like it, you can bring toys into your sex to double the fun.

Can I buy sex toys as a minor?

There is no legal limitation on minors purchasing sex toys in the US. However, many adult shops do not let minors into the shop because there can be pornography in them.

What should I do if my parents found my sex toys?

Explain to them the benefits of having a sex toy. For example, you are not having sex with people because of the toys. But they should not go through your stuff in the first place.

What should I do if I found my kid’s sex toy?

Tell them that you don’t mind them using it and teach them how to properly clean and store the toys. Many teenagers have trouble keeping their toys sanitized and can get diseases from it. Be sure they feel safe and comfortable about sex topics so they can come to you the next time they are in trouble.

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