7 Essential Ways to Give Her the Best Orgasm

7 Essential Ways to Give Her the Best Orgasm

The infamous heterosexual orgasm gap: while the exact percentage could be different in each study, more than 70% of men say they have constant orgasms during sex, and only about 30% of women in heterosexual relationships say the same. Some of the guys think it is just harder for women to get orgasms. But that is not true. According to a study conducted by Mahar et al.(2020), there are physical, psychological, and mental factors that contribute to the lack of orgasms for women, especially those in heterosexual relationships. So in this article, I will touch on how to give women or any vagina owners the orgasms of their life. Whether you are in a relationship or just starting to get into the hookup world, hope you can learn something new from this blog. Now let’s go!

Know Her Erogenous Zones

7 Erogenous Zones

Every woman has a different body and feels sexual stimulation in different ways. However, it is believed that there are 7 common erogenous zones as shown in this picture. You can start from these places and then touch her whole body to find her own sexy zones.This step brings up her mood and prepares her body to go into the erotic stage. Moreover, by extending the foreplay, you can make her cum without worrying about finishing too fast. So there really is no loss with more foreplay and touching.

Slow It Down

In porn, it’s always the fast and hard strokes that look the best. However, there are a lot of women who prefer slower strokes when it comes to penetration. When the vagina is relaxed and wet to accept penetration, slowly enter her and grind her inside. It might not be what you see in porn but it does the magic. Some women prefer faster and rougher sex so check her preference and adjust around that. But either fast or slow, the point is to hit with a purpose in mind. Notice how she reacts when you move. If you are not familiar with the G-Spot, read this article on how to find the G-spot

Don’t Assume She Wants to Be Dominated

It seems like being dominant during sex is the standard for men nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, it is super hot. But not all women like that. If you don’t want to make it awkward by asking if she wants to be dominated, pay attention to how she talks about these things. Or you can show her porn of this theme and ask how she feels about it. My friend told me this horrible story of a man always wanting to spank her. She was not into it and it hurts very much. When they talked about it afterwards the man confessed he was pretending to love it because he thought she did. This could’ve been nice if both of them were open and honest about their preferences. Make sure you are giving what she wants.

Don’t Skip on the Clit

While penetration orgasm is not completely impossible, clit stimulation guarantees a better experience. Since the tissues in the vagina and the clit are connected, by stimulating the clit, the tissues in the vagina will also be aroused. She will feel the vaginal orgasms more intense when clit stimulation is present. To achieve this, you can rub her clit during penetration or use positions that stimulate the clit more such as the cowgirl (in which she can rub herself on you). We have an article about clit stimulation. So check on that if you are not familiar with it.

Watch Out the Cervix

Here is the debate about dick length and how hard and deep you should go during penetration. This is one of the reasons why so many women will say size doesn’t matter. When the dick is too long, it can hit the cervix. While some women can achieve cervix orgasm, many more feel discomfort or even pain from that. So if she did not specifically tell you to hit that deep, don’t go there.

Create a Relaxed Environment

According to the 2020 study, many women fail to orgasm or just enjoy sex because of their anxiety about making their partner cum or how they look during sex. So it is key that you can alleviate her anxiety. Let her know that you care about her pleasure and compliment her. Make her feel relaxed and focused on the moment. If it is hard to achieve this, use tools such as eye covers or turning the light off. When they start to feel safe enough, it will be easier for them to focus on their body

Use a Vibrator

“Don’t blame me for not making her cum, I am a human not a clit-sucking vibrator with 5 variation speed” Well, of course, you are not. But you are also smart enough to use tools. Why make enemies when they can be your friends? There are so many types of vibrators that can power up your sex game. Let's see some of them.

For foreplay: teasing toys

The aesthetic design of this toy and its soft silicone touch really put this Curved Feather G-spot Vibrator for Teasing together. As a teasing toy, it is also excellently quiet so it won’t kill the mood. Turn the switch on and brush it gently through your partner’s erogenous zones. Experiment with its 10 vibration modes and two heads. Call her a princess if she’d like that. Soon she will be ready for more.


A Silicone G-spot Vibrator is a slightly more intense teasing toy option. It gives more targeted stimulation for specific areas such as nipples and clitoris. This silicone G-spot vibrator is equipped with 2 heads for switching and 10 vibration modes. Its discreet compact design also makes it a portable “magic wand” for traveling players.

G-spot stimulation: G-spot couple toys

Are vibrating dildos scary for your partner? Try this IPX6 Waterproof App Controlled Remote Finger Vibrator. It allows you to give strong and target stimulation to your partner’s G-spot. Use the toy to tease her or stimulate the clit first. Then once her vagina is wet and relaxed, you can insert your finger with this into her vagina to prepare her for penetration. Level up your fingering game with the app-controlled remote finger vibrator.

You are lacking on your game if you are still doing penetration raw. A good couple cock ring like this App-Controlled Cock Ring Vibrator has so many benefits. The cock ring part holds your shaft, making you harder and your sessions longer. The unique design gives visual stimulation to both of you and excites your mood. Moreover, and importantly, the extending bit as shown in the picture goes into her with your penis and gives vibrations to you and your partner at the same time. If you are new to couple toys, this is definitely a good first-time choice.

There are significantly fewer women who are experiencing orgasms during sex, especially during heterosexual intercourse. This is truly a tragedy not only because orgasm is an amazing feeling, but also because enjoyable sexual intercourse can make couples bound closer. Nevertheless, if you practice all 7 of these tricks, you will be able to provide your girl a physically and mentally relaxed atmosphere and give her more effective stimulation. Make sure to check the recommended toys and see more on our website: jmootoy.com

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