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Hey there, thrill-seeker! 🙌 Do you have a passion for trying out the latest in sex toys and sharing your juiciest experiences with the world? Well, listen up because you're in for a wild ride! 🎉

Why Join the JMOO Product Reviewer Party? 🥳

  • It's Absolutely, 100% FREE: Yeah, you heard that right! Our Product Reviewer Program won't cost you a dime, making it even more epic. We're on a mission to level up, and that's where you come in. We're looking for folks who are itching to dive into the fun and help us get even better.

Who's Welcome to the Party? 🎉

To be part of this hot gig, we've got a few prerequisites:

  1. Confidence is Key: We're all about keeping it real. So, bring your A-game in the confidence department and get ready to spill the beans on your experiences.
  2. Pleasure Enthusiasts Wanted: You should be all about exploring pleasure and open to new sensations. After all, it's all about the good vibes!
  3. 21 & Up: You gotta be at least 21 years young to roll with us. Age ain't just a number in this case!
  4. Sharing is Caring: We're not shy, and neither should you be. We want you to open up and share your thoughts and feelings about the products you test. No holds barred!

How to Join the Party 🥳

Ready to join the coolest crew in town? Just hit up the form down below. Tell us a bit about yourself, why you're stoked to join the party, and your experience level with adult toys. It's that easy!

Once you're in, our customer service team will reach out to you via the email you provided during registration. If you're in, we'll chat about what's next. As a JMOO Product Reviewer, you'll score the latest products for FREE, have a blast testing them, and give us the lowdown. Your insights will help us crank up the pleasure meter and make our customers super happy.

Perks of Being a JMOO Product Reviewer:

  • Exclusive Gift Card: Once you qualify, our customer service team will send you an exclusive gift card to order specific items. It won't cost you a penny!
  • Track Your Order: You can check out the order and shipping information for your items right on our website.

What We Expect from You:

Once you receive the products, we welcome you to share your experience in our product review area or on our official social media channels. For the best reviews, consider including the following:

  • Detailed information about the toy (price, materials, features, etc.).
  • A description of how to use the toy and any other basic information potential customers might want to know.
  • Honest opinions about the toy - before, during, and after use.
  • Information about using the toy with a partner or solo, and the best lubricants to pair with it.

We recommend making unboxing videos (these are very popular on social media) or simply taking photos of the toy (the box, what's inside, and the toy itself).

Get in on the action and join us in this wild mission to amplify pleasure and promote self-expression. Your voice matters, and we can't wait to hear it!

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Ruby's Review

"As a set of bondage restraints toy, it does the job, and it does it well. VERY well😈. If you want to play something exciting with your partner, it‘s definitely the right choice. The bell on the collar is the finishing touch. When I put on the collar, the sound of the bell made my partner extremely excited.This set gave us an unforgettable night lol💦💦 The best quality leather and so soft to the touch. I highly suggest this set as it is very comfortable and easy to use for everyone!🙌🏻🙌🏻"

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