A Complete Guide to Prostate Massage

A Complete Guide to Prostate Massage

Have you heard of the male G-spot? Prostate play is taking off these days among more and more men. This is because of its health benefits and its sensation. However, I know there are still a lot of you who are still scared to try or simply don’t know where to start. In this article, I will introduce what prostate play is, why you should try it, and most importantly, how to start.

What is a prostate?

A prostate is a small golf-ball-sized gland that is located under your bladder. It is an important organ that transports sperm. It is about 2 inches inside of the rectum. You can find it by reaching your finger through the rectum and curl your fingers to reach it with your first knuckle.

Prostate massage, as the name implies, involves massaging and stimulating the prostate.

Health benefits of prostate massage

Prostate massage can help to release stagnant fluids and toxins, potentially reducing the risk of certain prostate issues. Moreover, some men report that prostate massage can lead to more intense and enjoyable orgasms.

If you feel discomfort and pain in the pelvic area, prostate massage may alleviate that discomfort and pain, particularly for those with conditions like prostatitis. For men dealing with urinary issues, prostate massage could potentially help improve urine flow by reducing inflammation or congestion in the prostate gland.

How to prostate play

There are two ways you can stimulate your prostate.

External prostate massage

This method is less well-known. But you can actually stimulate your prostate from the outside. This can be done by massaging the area between your penis and your balls. Find the bit of skin where it feels the thinnest and adjust angles according to how you feel. You can use your fingers or any vibrating toys to press and feel. Some people have reported successfully having prostate orgasms by massaging from other angles. So don’t be scared to explore and have fun!

Internal prostate massage

This method of prostate play is more direct and much more discussed. After you find the prostate by reaching your finger into your rectum, curl up your finger like you are calling someone to come over. The prostate is on the side of the rectum that is closer to your belly button, make sure you are pressing the correct direction. Here are some must-know points to start to feel the sensation.

Be fully prepared

This might be the first time you get something trying to go into your rectum, so you need to go slowly and be fully prepared. Use lubrication and gradually massage the rectum to let your body get used to it. Don’t get too excited too soon by pushing your finger way up inside at once. This might get you injured.

Never force a prostate massage

One thing about prostate massage, unlike how things work with your penis, is that you can never force a prostate to orgasm. You can notice the prostate feeling uncomfortable or even pain if it is not ready. Massage your penis and get in the mood to set your mindset and your body on track before anything.

Be sanitized

Sanitation is something that beginners often forget. You might have to get used to going straight to the topic with your penis. While we have to discuss the risk of that someday, you need to make extra sure with what you are putting into your rectum. This is because it connects straight to the inside of your body, and a lot of nerves and veins.

So, if you are using your fingers, cut the nails, wash your hands, and use sanitizing wipes before reaching in. However, this can still bring potential risks and can get messy afterward. This is why we recommend using toys.

Prostate toy: the best prostate toys for couples and single

The reason why we recommend using toys instead of your finger is that they are cleaner, it is easier to adjust the angle, and they have many fun functions. Here are some of the most loved prostate toys from JMOO.

Best prostate massager for solo-Wireless Thrusting Prostate Massager

This is a classic prostate massager that packs great functions and premium quality. The thrusting end directly targets the prostate with 10 vibration frequencies. The remote control can assist you to customize your experience with ease. It is made of IPX3 waterproof silicone material so can enjoy the sensation worry-free.

Best prostate massager for edging-Thrusting Prostate Massager with Penis Ring

This toy plays a twist on the classic with a cock ring attached at the top. This feature makes this toy perfect for anyone who is up to edging during prostate play. You can control when to cum by wearing or taking off the cock ring. It provides both thrusting and vibration modes so you get to choose what you like.

Best prostate massager for couples-App-controlled 11-Frequency Cock Ring with Butt Plug

This toy is designed for couples who are open to exploring prostate play together. With the vibrating prostate massager going inside, the cock ring is extended so that the vibrating part can stimulate both of the couples during penetration. There are 11 vibration modes adjustable by remote control so both you and your partner can enjoy to the highest limits.


Best dildo for butt play-flare base

It is important to note that not all dildos are for butt play! Flare base dildos have been discussed online. This is important because dildos without a flare base can go easily into the rectum. In that case, you would have to go to ER! Dildos like this, with a flare base, would not have that issue since it blocks the dildo from going entirely into your body.

What did I miss?

Prostate massage has many health benefits including improving orgasms and preventing prostatitis.

Prostate massage can be done externally and internally.

It is important to prepare yourself and be sanitized before prostate massage.

It is suggested to use toys for prostate massage for sanitation and better sensation.




Does prostate play make me gay?

No. There is no correlation between sexuality and prostate massage. Many straight men are doing prostate massage. If anything, by improving your health with prostate massage, you can improve your sexual performance.

Does prostate massage hurt?

No. It should not hurt. Please stop if you are feeling uncomfortable or even painful and find another day, or consult with professionals.

Can I do a prostate massage with a girlfriend?

Yes. Consult with your girlfriend. And it would be really fun to explore the experience together.

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