What Type of Gamer Are You? Sex Toy Quiz (Men/Amab Edition)

What Type of Gamer Are You? Sex Toy Quiz (Men/Amab Edition)

Have you tried to use a sex toy to help you masturbate? There is a lot of stigma and shame about men/amab using sex toys. So I understand if you have never used one. But there is nothing wrong with it. All genders should be free to explore their sensations and feel proud of their legal sexual desires.

So, we made this 2-minute quiz about gaming and sex toys. What is the connection between gaming and sex toys? What type of gamer you are tells us how you have fun. So come and check this quiz to find a sex toy that best suits you.


Now, match your score to know what type of gamer you are and what sex toy suits you the best!

1 The party gamer

You are one of the OGs who started gaming as a child and made that an important part of your life. Gaming is only one element of your charm. Your personality and loyalty keep all your friends close. You love all the classics and never miss out on the new gaming trends. That is why we recommend you this electric masturbator. It is equipped with the latest sucking technology that guarantees premium sensations. Its discreet design protects your privacy even in a party house like yours. Try this electric masturbator to satisfy all your needs.

2 The connoisseur gamer

You have good taste in games. And you are strict on how you game. You enjoy a lot of your alone time gaming, and there is nothing wrong about this. After a long gaming session, you could get too tired to think and move your arms, while still looking for a fun time. So, we would like to recommend you this automatic penis massager. It is packed with customizable functions and pointed stimulations. Its ergonomic design guarantees premium sensations that require minimum effort. It is also available in 10 colors. So get one that represents your style.

3 The couple gamer

You are a real one for prioritizing your relationship. You and your partner is a power couple on the field. You know that shared joy brings more to the plate because 1+1>2. The boys might be too childish to understand your choice but we know what you need. That is why we recommend you this couple vibrating cock ring. With its futuristic design, this supports your performance by keeping you hard and providing additional stimulation to your partner. Its remote control feature and powerful battery ensure your play won’t be interrupted.

4 The casual gamer

You enjoy gaming because you love talking to friends and chill. People might say that you are not a REAL gamer because of your device or the games you prefer. But who are they to judge you? You might not even care if they accept you as a gamer or not. Because it’s all about the fun it brings! This masturbator is perfect for someone chill like you. The Sucking Male Masturbator, with its innovative breathing valve design, spiral passage, and powerful suction, is a game-changer in the world of men's intimate satisfaction.Get this masturbator to enjoy your time like no other!

Is this quiz accurate? What type of gamer are you? Come and discuss your results in our subreddit! And you can find more sex toys for men here.

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